Ellos AB

Ellos was founded in Borås 1947, today they are the largest company processing mail order business in the Nordic Countries. Since the seventies, Ellos has been a loyal customer to Helge Nyberg. Trolleys have been designed and built for various applications to solve specific requirements.

Trolleys Adapted to Various Needs

During the years many special solutions have been produced in close collaboration between the personnel at Ellos and the constructors at Helge Nyberg.
Demand for Efficiency
Efficiency is paramount within the mail order business, handling differing goods at high speed is crucial. Trolleys are designed for applications such as incoming goods, picking, bulk picking, replenishment, box buffer, sorting and returns. To mention a few examples.
   – The customer needs to feel safe through
out the whole logistic chain, says Rune Svensson, Logistic Manager at Ellos. It is about feeling secure in the buying moment, to rapidly get your order to a nearby retail location with suitable opening hours, and to be able to easily return goods and get refund.
   – The mail order business have always  experienced high demands for efficiency. Small volume orders demand high efficiency at every stage to keep track of the costs.



" – Helge Nyberg AB doesn't only deliver trolleys, they solve problems and adjust the equipment according to our requests. 
Rickard Harvonen, teamleader Ellos


Custom Made Trolleys
  – The trolleys are made according to our needs, and it is always a group of personnel involved when the special trolley is constructed, says Rickard Harvonen, Team Leader at Ellos. We will see if it works properly once it is rolling on our production. If necessary, we make changes with Helge Nyberg. 
    Some of these trolleys are 25 years old. They are still rolling, and in other words of a very high quality. 
   – We are approximately one hundred peopple handling palletized goods. Incoming goods are stored and then picked  according to customer orders ready for delivery.
Special trolleys handling up to seven boxes are used to distribute incoming stock to the current locations within the warehouse. Then, 130 trolleys are used for batch picking. These trolleys have a tipping function for placing goods onto an internal transport conveyor belt connected to the product sorting station. The department handling returns have another 20 specially built trolleys for this application. Returns arrive one by one and are transported to a designated area where they are sorted and returned back into the system again.

Trolleys Solving Different Needs
  One application involves the transportation of coats. A larger and longer picking trolley was designed to handle large volumes of hanging clothes, says Rickard Harvonen. The latest  solution is an Ergobjörn truck, which tows a picking trolley and a tipping trolley, forming a mall train making its way to the nearest band. Picking is also made for other countries, for example Russia. This department has their specially adapted trolleys to suit their requirements. 
  – Helge Nyberg doesn’t only deliver trolleys, they solve problems and adjust the equipment according to our requests. It concerns vaste assignments when picking and replenishment of boxes. It is important to provide our personnel with good ergonomic solutions when considering manual handling equipment. It has to feel good and easy for our co-workers.