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More Trolleys to handle more pressure

With space for more than 30 orders for each picking trolley, Stadium's online department can maximise its logistics in a super-effective e-commerce solution. There is a lot of pressure on the online department, which is Stadium's biggest shop.

Picking and sorting into current orders on a trolley
“Our online department is growing likemad and the online shop is Stadium’sbiggest. The collaboration with HelgeNyberg AB has worked really well andthe Ergobjörn trolleys are ergonomicwith push handles in several differentplaces. Despite being large to accom-modate many orders, they are easyto handle. We used to do our pickingin a very manual way”, says Kristian Jönsson. 
Stadium Online in Norrköping uses picking trolleys for batch picking of 8, 16, 24 or 32 orders. Up to 10,000 items are in the range here, with a total of 26,000 picking sites. The online department is growing and becoming increasingly important for the development of the company.

 The online shop occupies an area of 6000 m2, and employs up to 45 people depending on the day. Generally between 10 and 25 people are working here.
  The department is located in the gigantic central warehouse in Norrköping where goods are managed via an impressive logistics system. Here, deliveries come in, are repacked and go out to the shops. The 
online department is responsible for the web customers for all of Stadium's markets.



" – The collaboration with Helge Nyberg AB has worked really well. Despite being large to accommodate many orders, they are easy to handle.
Kristian Jönsson, Stadium


  But the online shop also has its own range, with unique products. Here there are goods that are different in one way or another. It may be a different colour, limited production or an exclusive item. There are currently three purchasers who select and purschase in this exclusive online material. Of the total sales on the Internet, this section represents around 25%. 
 "Sometimes we simply add a colour or a model.  We can attract buyers with prices or exclusivity. But the goods have to fit Stadium's broader vision, of activating the world", says Kristian Jönsson,  who was head of the online department from when it started eight years ago until the end of March. 
  The logistics solution for e-commerce means that there is a flow of goods from several directions, with the ordinary range coming from the big system in the central warehouse while the online exclusives are found in the warehouse on shelves for picking by the online department. These must be collected together, packed and sent to the customer. 
  In yet another area of the online department is a picking section where returns, high-turnover goods and campaigns are located.
 The simplest orders are those containing one type of item. The orders where the 
goods are mixed set higher demands in terms of handling. Here, the structures have to interface smoothly.
  Helge Nyberg's trolleys helps. Stadium uses four different sorts of trolley. These are the picking, unpacking, return and "big" trolleys. The picking trolleys have up to 30 different sections, which are adjustable so that goods of different sizes can more easily be accommodated. Flexibility is very important. Straightforward solutions are created on smaller trolleys, where goods from the ordinary range come up to the online department. 
  "Here we have unpacking trolleys, which are made to hold three boxes containing the goods and which are also height adapted so that moving boxes on and off the trolley is ergonomically effective. It makes it easy to work", explains Kristian Jönsson. 
  For ergonomic reasons, the larger picking trolley's lowest order section is positioned a little way above the floor so that pickers don't have to bend down.